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string art by eileenaart
String art was a very popular craft in the 1970's. But it's history goes back to the 19th Century when Mary Everest Boole introduced the string art technique to help children understand geometry better. 

This educational craft called string art has the  purpose making mathematics more accessible to children.

EileenA art string art
My old craftsman hammer in company
of the pine wood  board,
finishing nails and the jean thread
that is use to create the string art.
A hammer and various types of materials can be used to create string art:

Nails; Finishing nails or linoleum nails.

Board; Some people prefer to use cork board, personally use pine wood or reclaimed wood depending on what's available.

Template use if desired.

String: embroidery floss is recommended  when creating a colored pattern , hemp cord  or jean stitch thread. 

Paint stain is the classical way to paint the board, but it is absolutely optional. acrylic, wood paint or any other medium.

EileenA art string art
Creating string art for me is just a fun way that allows me to create bold colorful names and figures. Integrating mixed media to the background of the string art instead of the traditionally stained board.

The string art displayed here in the picture was created from scratch using no template in the process obtaining beautiful and unique organic letters.

Like this custom order for a baby's room shown in the picture below. 
EileenA art string art

The clients combined the words that had a special meaning for them with their baby's name, it looks simply beautiful and unique. The analog colors allow harmony between all the words, contrasting with the golden string.

We can Make custom string art  for you!

string art eilenaart

Custom String Art by eileenaart

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lets us create for your a very own custom piece. OR Visit our shop where we have string art designs available .

string art eilenaart

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