Gift ideas Up-Cycled on Etsy

Discover one of a kind gifts on Etsy;  this is more than a marketplace for artisans and artist. It's the the place where creation is applied to its max.

 I encourage you to buy here for the any occasion and for the holidays from artist  like me,  you will not be disappointed  and find the most original gifts for your loved ones .

We curated  a list  at Esty market place.  Several gifts lists from great creators, below some of our favorite. Lovely gifts  earth friendly,  for all ages. 

The Woolly Pedlaris one of my featured shops on Esty's treasury list; love her creations, this shop recycles locally sourced knitwear, saving lot from landfill turning it into fab and funky clothes, accessories and soft furnishings. Her jumpers and sweater coats are all unique, one off creations that are an antidote to boring high street fashion, offering them in plus sizes too. 
Armwarmers are her best selling items of which she makes and sell hundreds of pairs. Also, she sell cushions and blankets and matches it to the customer's colour scheme.  You can find her creations online on Etsy  and on Twitter @Woollypedlar or www.facebookcom/thewoollypedlar

Another Earth conscious shop is the"The Bottle Mill's " that re purposes, empty glass bottles collected from bars and restaurants,  turning this reclaimed bottles into new glassware.  Their Eco glassware is individually hand cut and fire polished for a superior look; The rims are melted smooth and to a true bevel with a high shine just like you would expect to find on "traditional" glassware. Their  glassware is the best you will find anywhere and one of the only fire polished products on the market. Once we finish the process they anneal the entire glass at a high temperature to remove stress and add strength to the glass.
The Bottle Mill'states: "Our finished goods are a great keepsake for those sentimental to their favorite beverages, and to those who want to help our environment towards our growing volumes of trash."
You can find them at  and

Fell in love with this Etsy shop.  Lacuna work creates books from pieces of old furniture. Selecting the best pieces, cleaning the wood from old paint and varnish; discovering the real beauty that is hidden under the layers. Each piece of wood has a different story creating from each  a different approach and finish. After it is cut and sanded into smoothness it is worked further for binding and treated with bees wax. Then adding the paper to create the book; the binding is all cut by hand and stitched sheet by sheet using Cotpic stitch.  And for the finishing look sometimes it's use old photos, letters, metal fragments from the furniture etc.This shop specializes in personalized books, Producing unique Art pieces.
Find Lacuna work on the web, follow this links.

Click on this link to see the Etsy treasury list

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